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Titan RO (alpha)
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Update #10: Party exp buffed, Glasses[1], WoE cards++

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Modified party share experience: Anyone on screen when a mob gets killed by party gets full (100%) exp for the monster -- with the idea that maybe this will encourage people to party as a group or as small groups. Everyone offscreen in party gets the shared experience they would normally get. Also added the iRO style +20% experience per party member, as opposed to +25% experience per attacker of the monster.

This has the side effect of always giving the killing character full experience even in an even share party. I'm sure there are some other bugs or issues with this, and they can be addressed as they come up.

Added Glasses[1] and Sunglasses[1] to Old Violet Box drops at low rate (equivalent to Windhawk, Slotted Survivor's Rod, Bloody Shackle Ball, etc.)

Doubled the following card drop rates: Raydric Card, Thara Frog Card, Hydra Card, Marc Card.

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