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Found 13 results

  1. So I used to be able to go up onto the second floor of the Criatura Academy and wander around, but now when I warp in from the stairs, my character is stuck. When I fly wing, I can fly wing into a room on the second floor, but when I try to go back out into the hallway, I can't.
  2. Izlude Potion Merchant

    Hey! Near izlude_in 60, 108 it looks like there should be a Potion / Bwing / Fwing / Etc NPC merchant (since I see a floating potion icon). Just thought I'd flag! Thanks
  3. Attack speed

    Attack speed with thief seems to be too slow. When I have damascus and buckler equipped it is only 156 at lvl 58/42 with 67+3 agi. Goes up to 162 without buckler and 170 without buckler or damascus
  4. Wiz Cast Speed

    Maybe it's totally normal but I feel like 10 seconds to cast a LVL10 SG w/ 50 DEX as a wiz is abnormally long. Am I wrong?
  5. The client asks for a password, but there was no email address entered when registering? Use "a@a.com" for now, it's the default email address in the database!
  6. No BGM?

    None of the maps have any BGM on?
  7. Unable to dual client

    Tried dual client, but my 1st client went black completely, the sound is active, but cant see anything.
  8. the cursor of my windows and the cursor of the game isn't sync, had to restart client to fix problem. Disabled Fixed cursor on settings, I think that solved it for now
  9. When you fail the wizard job quest you're supposed to be able to give an item (magic scroll, i believe) to the NPC to "bribe" him for a passing score but it doesn't seem to trigger on this server.
  10. Izlude Missing Sailor

    Should have a Sailor at (197,205) that can warp us to Baylan and Alberta.
  11. Izlude

    So I've tried entering Izulde two ways: Via kafra Via walking from Prontera And both times I get put underwater! My poor little novice is drowning!
  12. When my Doram tries to talk to Harold, nothing happens. Harold is the NPC that Hanson tells you to talk to, but there's no way to exit the room with Hanson in it once you're there, so my Doram is effectively stuck in the training grounds!