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  1. Ahoy'

    Welcome to the forums and server! Looking forward to getting to know you both :D.
  2. So I was reading the information about Battlegrounds on IROWiki (https://irowiki.org/wiki/Battlegrounds) but is there somewhere that details these different modes?
  3. Eden Group Discussion

    Oh yeah, Eden Group Equipment quests all the way then!
  4. Criatura Academy Second Floor

    Yay great! I'll check it out at some point
  5. So I used to be able to go up onto the second floor of the Criatura Academy and wander around, but now when I warp in from the stairs, my character is stuck. When I fly wing, I can fly wing into a room on the second floor, but when I try to go back out into the hallway, I can't.
  6. Eden Group Discussion

    Yeah, I agree with Steph as well. I think you could make it so that there were more hunting boards across the maps / dungeons, as it might promote people spreading out and leveling in places they normally wouldn't. And then having Eden equipment quests would be nice. I don't know if it'd be a downside that having Eden equipment would basically remove the need to buy equipment from the NPCs as you start out? Would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this.
  7. Shiro Yusuke here!

    Hey Shiro! We've chatted a little bit ingame. I have a lot of random characters at the moment, but looking forward to playing with you more :D.
  8. Izlude Potion Merchant

    Great, thanks!
  9. Izlude Potion Merchant

    Hey! Near izlude_in 60, 108 it looks like there should be a Potion / Bwing / Fwing / Etc NPC merchant (since I see a floating potion icon). Just thought I'd flag! Thanks
  10. Server Plans (pre-alpha)

    This all sounds great! Some comments / additional questions: 3x/5x experience rates sound good to me. Would the EXP required for each level mimic Classic, Renewal or Re:start? I like having increased party share experience, and limiting it to experience shared only for people on the screen of the dying monster. Though people would still be able to leech their characters via auto-follow, it would make it more difficult, AND so would hopefully encourage more just straight up partying. Increased party size and guild size also seems nice. If / when we have Doram (and even 3rd classes), since those classes were created after Renewal, I wonder if you'd need to do some heavy modding to make them not too OP or something if going with pre-renewal mechanics. I think, for me, the biggest headache with renewal mechanics is the whole cast time change, which restart removed. So some kind of hybrid would make sense to me, though if you could figure out how to re-balance Doram and third classes for pre-renewal, maybe that would work as well! YES! Progressive release of classes AND progressive release of content / areas makes sense to me. I think it's one way to keep people engaged, as there is excitement around releasing of new classes and areas (as we've seen in Restart). You would just have to balance this with in-game / end-game content for those who reach 99 and then are bored or whatever. Anticheat FTW! Monster / map / dungeon highlighting with increased spawn rate, experience, and drop rates is awesome, as I feel like it would encourage party play more. Anyway just my thoughts. Have fun traveling!
  11. Izlude

    Thanks for fixing Trojal! I'll check it out tonight
  12. Izlude

    So I've tried entering Izulde two ways: Via kafra Via walking from Prontera And both times I get put underwater! My poor little novice is drowning!
  13. Harold in Novice Training Grounds

    Oops on his name! Thanks for fixing - will test tonight and let you know if I run into any issues!
  14. When my Doram tries to talk to Harold, nothing happens. Harold is the NPC that Hanson tells you to talk to, but there's no way to exit the room with Hanson in it once you're there, so my Doram is effectively stuck in the training grounds!
  15. Welcome!

    HI all! I'm in the same boat as the above people (-waves-). I'm excited to test out this server, and am here to help in any way I can!