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  1. Menu super small and invisible buttons

    That kind soul was me btw o/ Now that I see it, I get why you were confused... I've attached what it SHOULD look like, for reference.
  2. Eden Group Discussion

    I don't think that's a problem, really. Considering most people have nothing when they start out, they just end up running around without any equipment rather than buying NPC equips https://irowiki.org/wiki/Eden_Group_Equipments_Quests Here's a quest guide + overview of what equip you're getting; better than NPC gear, but any decent carded gear will be better than these. (and once you have some money and make a new character, are you really gonna bother doing the quests to get Eden equip on there?)
  3. Eden Group Discussion

    To be honest, the custom iRO hunting boards (i.e. kill 150 of x monster, with a vip option of getting base+job exp, just base or just job) are way more worth it than the Eden quests, exp-wise. Especially because the "kill 30 of x monster" Eden quests have a cooldown on them The Eden equipment quests though... those I'd love to see! They provide decent free starting equip for everyone.
  4. Welcome!

    I'm in the same boat as Trojal; once Restart isn't viable ti play on anymore, my plan is to take my guild over to this server to start over. Also: hi <3