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  1. Castle drops concern

    False alarm. I must have just discovered the server's midnight hour. I just checked the castles again this morning (for me), and the boxes had not spawned.
  2. Castle drops concern

    Let me start by saying, I hope SideQuest is not too upset that I claimed 8 castles... Let me also say that this is only a minor concern and that you don't have to address it right away... I was collecting drops from a castle (which normally takes me two trips). On my second trip, I noticed that all the boxes had re-spawned. I looked back at the castle I just checked prior, and all those boxes had re-spawned. I then check a castle I had cleared a few hours prior, and those boxes had re-spawned. Either I just so happened to be checking the castles at the server's midnight, or we have boxes spawning multiple times a day. I noticed the re-spawn around 8pm Eastern Daylight Time if that helps. Like I said, no rush
  3. Menu super small and invisible buttons

    I thought that wine might have something to do with it (or some other fact that I am playing on a Mac). I tried changing settings, both in game and from the game files, but nothing seemed to affect it. It's not a big issue (no pun intended) as it does still function correctly. It's just a bit more difficult to interact with.
  4. A kind soul had sent me a message with some items in it. This was shortly after the mailboxes were removed from towns. I asked how I was to check my mail and he said it was in the menu. After some confused back and forth, I found it, but when I described what I'd found, the sender said that my menu sounded odd...as if I was experiencing something different. I finally took as screenshot of it to post it here and see if this is unique to me, if I have messed with something unknowingly, or whatever it may be. Notice the tiny menu below the basic info screen in the left corner and the fact that I have my cursor over the bank button, which I can press, but I cannot see the icon.
  5. Shiro Yusuke here!

    Hello all! It's been...six years (?) since I've played RO. I started way back on EdenRO when it was 1/1/1, moved to UnityRO, and then to TempestRO. I started in the guild Victory under AniMe and joined Evil Council with Infierno and others. I don't know if I will be able to play as much back then, but certainly have enjoyed the last few days wandering around Rune Midgard. Looking forward to meeting all of you!