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  1. Attack speed

    That all makes sense. This is my first experience with the renewal stat system
  2. Attack speed

    Also when I go to character select and come back into the game my awaking potion cooldown starts over
  3. Attack speed

    Also just noticed my hit is at 266 and I'm doing an excessive amount of damage
  4. Attack speed

    Also I just noticed my flee rate is at 261 which seems very excessive
  5. Attack speed

    Also I could have sworn I was getting 170 aspd with both equipped a few days ago
  6. Attack speed

    Attack speed with thief seems to be too slow. When I have damascus and buckler equipped it is only 156 at lvl 58/42 with 67+3 agi. Goes up to 162 without buckler and 170 without buckler or damascus