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  1. Oh my mistake, i thought incarnation of morroc is the satan morroc MVP thing. Had to google it, and realized it's just a regular mob. so no MVP, just minibosses and regular mobs. Got it.
  2. any way to allow zoom edit?

    the scrollwheel zoom. it doesnt look like i'm able to zoom out though. a few of us were talking about the same thing.
  3. Censorship?!

    We're leaving it for now, not too sure if editing grf will work for your server. since i tried to include the zoom edit files, and immediately locked by gepard. It's funny how it would censor npc chats too lol
  4. Ninja Job Change Missing NPC

    https://irowiki.org/wiki/First_Expanded_Job_Change_Guides was using this wiki, the 7th step, it says it's the same for kRO.
  5. Undestroyed Morroc Maps Missing?

    we were looking for claw desert wolf, we kept running into that weird map, the navigation system dint work for desert wolves, it kept pointing us that direction. Finally got some thru payon path, but by then it was already an hour, just trying to get that. This is for hunter's quest.
  6. so DB can summon MVP? Well, i saved like 30 of those, gonna do some mvping some day then
  7. Undestroyed Morroc Maps Missing?

    it's a bit troublesome when newbies cant spare fly wings, so we took a lot of time walking to dead ends, looking for quest items to job change.
  8. No matter how we walk from morroc north east or just east, or prontera south, couldn't get to those maps.
  9. Missing NPC trying to find something under the red tree.
  10. Unable to dual client

    Works now. nvm, maybe i was dual clienting with restart.
  11. Doram ASPD

    probably need a weapon for it too, since we cant obtain it thru the game atm.
  12. No BGM?

    None of the maps have any BGM on?
  13. Unable to dual client

    Tried dual client, but my 1st client went black completely, the sound is active, but cant see anything.