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    Now that the basics are in place (including a patcher!), we're now switching to Alpha release status. The Getting Started post has been updated to include instructions for downloading and running the patcher (it's pretty simple, download it and run it in the game folder). Alpha phase will enable work on client updates that will require clients to be patched or they'll get errors. During alpha, we will also figure out a name for the server, and work on design for the forum, control panel, patcher, loading screens, etc. As well as addressing miscellaneous issues that come up, the Alpha updates will address: clothing palettes hair colors teleport level 1 instant cast (no need to press enter) random treasure chest spawns across fields guild Emergency Call cooldown icon Vending store taxes New refine UI Launching instance dungeons from menu Permanent "guide book" item Enable guild dungeon use by allied guilds WoE test room for damage vs emps, barricades, etc Fixes to navigation system Fixes to quests text I expect alpha phase to be long (at least 6 weeks), as it will take significant time to contract and implement the design assets after the server's name and overall art theme is decided.
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    I'm currently playing on iRO Re:Start server, but am quickly losing faith in WarpPortal's ability to successfully run a server (inability to address bots, strong cash shop items, duping issues, and others). I have experience running low rate private servers before, and am interested in starting one again, should there be enough interest. So I took the first few steps: got a server running on Hercules emulator, got a client configured, set up an anti-cheat software (Gepard Shield), and got a forum up and running!
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    We've got a discord server for Titan RO, feel free to come in and chat with other players, or talk about stuff there instead of the forums. https://discord.gg/VNSPXxw
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    Enabled the custom battlegrounds from Update #11. There's a patch to support these. Teleport level 1 now works instantly without bringing up a menu, like fly wings. Level 2 still brings up the 3-item menu of random location, save point, or cancel. Also I should mention, I enabled @skreset (skill reset) and @streset (stat reset) to make things easier while we're still pre-release.
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    OOO hey renshin. Smexy here glad to see ya around. I'm in the same boat as you just waiting and wanting to play with some old RO folks again.
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    Roughly this (from XileRO website): Capture the Flag The objective is to score 3 points before your enemy team, by capture the flag. To capture a flag you need to take the enemy flag and bring it to your base flag. Team DeathMatch This game is pure pvp. Each team start up with 30 Points and score goes down as your team member die. Team to reach 0 points lose Stone Control Take the stones in the middle of the battlefield and put in on your base, in the Stone Points. Each stone will give points to your team. First team to reach 99 points wins. Protect your stones and don't let your enemy steal them Eye of Storm There are 2 bases: North and south which team can capture by holding position on the base more than the other team Each base will give you points each 5 seconds. If your team control both bases the amount of points increases To get additional points, in the middle there is a flag spawn, capture it and put it on any of your team bases. The team to score 99 first wins. [TIP]: It is faster to take the flag if you un-equip your infravision. Bossnia Attack the enemy base and destroy each guardian. To do damage to the guardian your team must capture the balance flag in the middle base. Each team have 5 guardian to be protected or killed. Domination: The mechanic of this game is close to Eye of storm Your team need to capture the bases by holding the position on one of the 3 bases for some seconds, your scores go higher as you have more bases taken. The team to reach 99 points wins Rush Figh to capture the Castle and organize your team to defend it. If you fail on the first capture, kill the defender and take it for your team.
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    That all makes sense. This is my first experience with the renewal stat system
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    The only issue I see so far is the party share stuck to screen. I mean, let's face it, if people are going to leech themselves they are going to do it with the auto follow method anyway. This just hurts anyone who wants to split up in Orc Dungeon or something. On another note I feel like it's not a deal breaker for those who disagree with alt leveling via afk'ing but it is a deal breaker for other people who don't have the time and whatnot. Food for thought.
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    Cant type Class, or classic without being censored... LOL
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    Hiii!! I'm another person from the boat mentioned before!! dayuuum I'm pretty excited to test this server, so if any help is needed count me in!