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  2. MvPs, slave mobs in mob of the week

    MvPs are supposed to be in mob of the week, but slave mobs shouldn't be. The code was looking for mobs that have a normal spawn, but Kiel Hyre quest has slave Alizas spawning by themselves in Kiel's room. I updated this so that monsters that give 0 exp won't show up in mob of the week lists.
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  4. Welcome!

    Another soul from re:start. This just might be my last hope when the previous mentioned dies ^-^
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  6. Castle drops concern

    Yeah, server time is in UTC, so 8pm eastern is the server's midnight time.
  7. Castle drops concern

    False alarm. I must have just discovered the server's midnight hour. I just checked the castles again this morning (for me), and the boxes had not spawned.
  8. Castle drops concern

    Let me start by saying, I hope SideQuest is not too upset that I claimed 8 castles... Let me also say that this is only a minor concern and that you don't have to address it right away... I was collecting drops from a castle (which normally takes me two trips). On my second trip, I noticed that all the boxes had re-spawned. I looked back at the castle I just checked prior, and all those boxes had re-spawned. I then check a castle I had cleared a few hours prior, and those boxes had re-spawned. Either I just so happened to be checking the castles at the server's midnight, or we have boxes spawning multiple times a day. I noticed the re-spawn around 8pm Eastern Daylight Time if that helps. Like I said, no rush
  9. Hijos are best!

    everyone knows the king bacon. Even ghosts of past lifetimes such as myself
  10. Hijos are best!

  11. Ahoy'

  12. Titan RO Discord

    We've got a discord server for Titan RO, feel free to come in and chat with other players, or talk about stuff there instead of the forums. https://discord.gg/VNSPXxw
  13. Ahoy'

  14. Menu super small and invisible buttons

    I thought that wine might have something to do with it (or some other fact that I am playing on a Mac). I tried changing settings, both in game and from the game files, but nothing seemed to affect it. It's not a big issue (no pun intended) as it does still function correctly. It's just a bit more difficult to interact with.
  15. Menu super small and invisible buttons

    I wonder if this is just because of wine. @Shiro Yusuke could you try with different resolutions and is it consistent? You can change resolution in Game Settings -> Advanced Settings.
  16. Enabled the custom battlegrounds from Update #11. There's a patch to support these. Teleport level 1 now works instantly without bringing up a menu, like fly wings. Level 2 still brings up the 3-item menu of random location, save point, or cancel. Also I should mention, I enabled @skreset (skill reset) and @streset (stat reset) to make things easier while we're still pre-release.
  17. Ahoy'

    Holy moly! I can't remember how long it's ago since we've first met, but really good to see you here man! Would be lots of fun to play with you again Thanks!
  18. Menu super small and invisible buttons

    That kind soul was me btw o/ Now that I see it, I get why you were confused... I've attached what it SHOULD look like, for reference.
  19. A kind soul had sent me a message with some items in it. This was shortly after the mailboxes were removed from towns. I asked how I was to check my mail and he said it was in the menu. After some confused back and forth, I found it, but when I described what I'd found, the sender said that my menu sounded odd...as if I was experiencing something different. I finally took as screenshot of it to post it here and see if this is unique to me, if I have messed with something unknowingly, or whatever it may be. Notice the tiny menu below the basic info screen in the left corner and the fact that I have my cursor over the bank button, which I can press, but I cannot see the icon.
  20. Ahoy'

    Welcome to the forums and server! Looking forward to getting to know you both :D.
  21. Added 548 custom clothing dyes to the client in today's patch. Also added the @dye command for people to try them out for now. Some classes/numbers will show as black, this is a known issue which will be addressed by a future client .exe version (after we settle on a server name). The specific palettes might change before full launch. Today's patch fixes a error message in the client when fighting some MvPs. Phreeoni, Baphomet, probably others.. were causing a "GetSkillScale: attempt to call a nil value" error when using large area skills.
  22. Launching Alpha status!

    Now that the basics are in place (including a patcher!), we're now switching to Alpha release status. The Getting Started post has been updated to include instructions for downloading and running the patcher (it's pretty simple, download it and run it in the game folder). Alpha phase will enable work on client updates that will require clients to be patched or they'll get errors. During alpha, we will also figure out a name for the server, and work on design for the forum, control panel, patcher, loading screens, etc. As well as addressing miscellaneous issues that come up, the Alpha updates will address: clothing palettes hair colors teleport level 1 instant cast (no need to press enter) random treasure chest spawns across fields guild Emergency Call cooldown icon Vending store taxes New refine UI Launching instance dungeons from menu Permanent "guide book" item Enable guild dungeon use by allied guilds WoE test room for damage vs emps, barricades, etc Fixes to navigation system Fixes to quests text I expect alpha phase to be long (at least 6 weeks), as it will take significant time to contract and implement the design assets after the server's name and overall art theme is decided.
  23. Ahoy'

    OOO hey renshin. Smexy here glad to see ya around. I'm in the same boat as you just waiting and wanting to play with some old RO folks again.
  24. Ahoy'

    Hey everyone! I've been pushed here through a friend, and I can say I haven't played RO for a long while but boy, it still triggers me to have that curiousity to play on a new server! Been on Trojal's past server before, and I can remember good things from it. I've played on dozens of servers, mainly low-rates. Servers I've played on such as EternityRO, EuphRO, CelestiaRO, Pure-RO, ElariaRO, DutchRO, and many other that I'm forgetting haha. Always been playing low-rates cause I like the pace of progression, the grinding and just taking my time rather than being instant 99 and easy getting all items and stuff. I've always leaded a guild to my knowledge, such as Euphoria, Liberty (good old old old days) and Horizon. PVM guilds, as I'm not really into WoE although PVP and BG can be fun. Just registered to lurk the forums a lil' and see how things pan out. Excited to play, although be it casually, RO again and I'll be sure to keep checking in how the development is progressing. Might try and call up all my good old RO friends, guildies and more to play here! Cheers, Renshin / Alex
  25. I haven't checked, but I'm guessing based on how I wrote it that @guildhp will let you see the HP bars of other people with no guild, if you're not in a guild.
  26. Implemented @guildhp command, allowing you to see guild members' HP bars outside of party. If they're on the opposing team in a battleground you won't be able to see their HP. Still needs a little testing to make sure the HP bars update at correct times (similar to how party member HP bars update, ideally). Implemented a patcher so that I can start making client updates (custom items, descriptions, fixing quest text, etc).
  27. The item and monster databases are now visible in control panel. Here you can check item effects, scripts, drop rates, monster stats, skills. The drop rate uses the same logarithmic formula as in-game, which is based on "2x" meaning "2 chances to drop the item". Item database Monster database It doesn't show spawn locations for monsters or have a map, both would be nice to have later Removed fixed cast times from all skills. I'll have to check in this more, because I might need to move the fixed time to variable time for some skills. But for now, enjoy faster casts!
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